Blog Circle: The Big Clear Out

My home is tiny. So tiny, in fact, I should be the poster child for minimalist living. (I am not.) My poor house strained and bloated to accommodate two people, and now there are three of us (and two dogs) I fear my poor house may actually barf all of my belongings into the street. Since having a baby, my house has rapidly filled with “stuff”. Assorted stuff. Baby stuff, stuff that has migrated from one room to another to make room for baby stuff, and with Christmas and two birthdays having passed, all new stuff that we somehow have to find home for. Read more…


Ideas and Frustration

I don’t think I’ve ever been so far behind with my scrapbooking as I am now. I managed to stay current throughout 2013 once I got Project Life established, and then December hit. The accursed holidays. With my efforts to record baby’s first Christmas, I took on too much, because I’m STILL scrapping it and LORD it is killing me. I’m so bored. I’ve done absolutely nothing for this year so far, and I am a miserable, grouchy git. Read more…


Booker’s Block

If I can’t spend some time each week working on my album. I get grouchy. It’s the only real “me” time I get, and my only time alone. So if I sit down to scrapbook and I can’t get anything done, I get seriously annoyed at myself. Worse still if I have a scrapbook session and I hate everything I do.

Which is currently happening, because OMG, I am so over Christmas layouts. I’m sitting here willing a kit to download in the hope it’ll give me some inspiration, and I can literally feel my patience leeching out of me as my download speed crawls along. I’m sitting here with Photoshop and more than ten folders open, one for every Christmas/wintery themed digital kit I have so I can stashbust my way out of this funk. This layout is getting done. Read more…


2014 And The Great Blog Project

It’s New Year, and that means new starts, promises to be better and a hopeful look forward. For me, its also the start of a whole new album and a fresh year of scrapbooking.

This is my 2014 album, which I received as a Christmas gift, alongside the Project Life Blush Core Kit. So here’s the first page, all set and ready to go. My aim this year is to try and post more about filling a Project Life album, especially on a budget. It can be quite an expensive hobby, but a little collecting and creative thinking can go a long way. Read more…

Little Hearts

Ten Weeks Later

I meant to update things regularly. I meant to try and preserve my own sanity by writing on a regular basis. Instead, I have gone slowly insane as my entire life slipped into chaos.

It was meant to be easy – food goes in one end, poop leaves the other end. That’s as basic as it gets. No-one mentioned the fighting, screaming and crying that would ensue. The pain and discomfort that food could potentially cause a tiny person. The brief respite when everything seemed to be going well, only to have my hopes dashed as the vomiting started or we returned to hours of screaming.

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My daughter. My daughter. My. Daughter. For all the times I say it or write it, it still feels strange. I don’t feel like a mother yet. Maybe it’s because she relies on me totally, like a tamagotchi. Or a house plant. (And karma/my mother will bite me for thinking that and committing it to text.) Read more…

Candy Stripes

Candy Stripes

So this is the knitted blanket I’ve been working on. As you can see – I’ve shied away from the usual baby pastels and went for something considerably more “in your face”. One day I hope baby will appreciate this, as I’m not the greatest knitter and I’ve tried to do different decorative stitches for the large stripes.

Summer Garden Granny Squares, in ridiculous colours.

Making Squares

Since I am rapidly growing in size, there is a limit to how much I can do, physically. Once I’ve worn myself out clearing out god-knows-how-many-years-worth of paper (WHY do we hoard paper?), I’m forced to sit down and do something a little less demanding.

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